Road to the American Revolution Project
Updated: 10/24/2020
Road to the American Revolution Project

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  • Navigation Acts
  • 1
  • If only we could trade with more country's.
  • King George said to not accept boat's from other country's
  • Stamp Act
  • 2
  • That's simply outrages!!!
  • Have you guy's heard that paper products have tax on them now?!
  • 3
  • Quartering Act
  • Ma'am I be staying at your home.
  • You can't just stay at my house!.
  • Captain, we have 5 dead colonist.
  • a. The Navigation Act was a law made to restrict the colonist to only trade with Britain and no other country, on occasions they could've only use British ships.b. This only caused to start of the French and Indian war and make the British desire their increase for money.
  • Boston Massacre
  • 4
  • a. The Stamp Act was a law that made the colonists pay taxes on anything that was a paper product, was also the first direct tax they had in the colonies.b.This made the colonists boycott, protest, and just angry At England for doing taxation without representation.
  • Intolerable/Coercive Acts
  • 5
  • Punish Boston!
  • *close port*
  • 6
  • a.This Act made colonists required to help out British soldiers like provide housing bedding, food, and transportation.b. The colonist were angry about this because first, they opposed the law, and second, they were getting taxed.
  • 2nd Continental Congress
  • Should Washington be General?
  • Anymore Idea's for the draft of Declaration of Independence?
  • All men created equal!
  • a.The Boston Massacre was where the colonist used propaganda to turn people against the British and was also where at least 5 colonists died.b.This only caused a battle between the colonist and British soldiers, and it's important because this made colonists desire independence.
  • 4
  • Kill Them!
  • YES SIR!
  • a.Intolerable/Coercive Acts was the act that made Boston close its port, be limited self-government, and expand the Quartering Act.b. This act was important because it made England punish Boston for the Tea Party.
  • a.The Second Continental Congress was the second meeting of the delegates in Philadelphia and was when important decisions were made.b. The Second Continental Congress where important because this was when they drafted and adopted the Declaration of Independence and the first constitution of The United States, and also made George. W general of Continental Army.
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