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Updated: 2/24/2021
Unknown Story

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  • There was once a people named Beothuk hunted by the colonies.
  • We are going to get rewarded after this!!!!
  • Hunting sure pays a lot!
  • Other First Nations group would hunt the Beothuk too.
  • You are way too weak, we can't let you live!
  • Wer have suffered enough. It's time we step up, we need to gain our freedom!!!!
  • Until...
  • The Beothuk started moving from their land so the Europeans couldn't take more of it
  • I'm so hungry!
  • We really can't be here anymore, we need to go.
  • Yes i know,lf we don't leave soon the Europeans are going to keep taking over our land.
  • The Europeans hunted all of the people from the land until there was no one left.
  • Wahahah!!
  • You can keep running but we'll get all your land!!!
  • Finally the colonies took over the land and all of the Beothuk peopole were gone...
  • We did it! There's no one left!
  • The land is ours now!!