World History Honors Project for Mr. Ballard

Updated: 9/14/2020
World History Honors Project for Mr. Ballard

Storyboard Text

  • 4000 BCE-
  • What do you think we should call the new city-state?
  • I think that we should call it... "Ur".
  • 3300 BCE -
  • Hey what's the whole "Cuneiform" thing everybody is talking about?
  • Cuneiform is distinguished by its wedged shaped marks on clay tablets.
  • 1792 BCE -
  • Whatever imma just call him King Hammi.
  • Who is this guy?
  • Obey my 282 rules that I completely made up!!
  • I don't know. I can't really pronounce his name.
  • The Mesopotamians establish powerful city-states building large ziggurats at thecenter of their cities as temples to their gods.
  • 744 BCE -
  • Did you hear about what Emperor Tiglath-Piliser III has done?!
  • The Sumerians invent the first writing system known as cuneiform. They usepictures for words and inscribe them on clay tablets.
  • 550 BCE-
  • Nah man diversity is great!!
  • Hammurabi becomes king of Babylon. He establishes the Code of Hammurabi andBabylon soon takes over much of Mesopotamia.
  • 522 BCE -
  • The Assyrian Empire reaches its peak and is the strongest empire in the world
  • Yes! He has conquered much of the Middle East!
  • Cyrus the Great rises to power and the Persian Empire begins.
  • Look at that city over there sir!!!!
  • Darius I becomes King of Persia. He expands the empire and divides it up into stateseach ruled by a governor called a satrap.
  • You, go rule over those city-states to the East!
  • You, go rule those city-states to the West!!