Updated: 8/29/2018
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  • exposition
  • Conflict
  • Rising Action
  • The story is first introduced in a nice setting in line. The day begins off with every one gathering in one spot with the village every year at the end of June. Every head household is called to draw sheet of paper in the center of the village.
  • climax
  • The conflict is when Tessie Hutchinson realizes that her husband, Bill, was center of attention. Then he takes out a peace of paper from the box and Tessie's begins to yell to say he didn't have enough time to choose what paper he wanted.
  • falling action
  • The rising action is everyone gathering together and start picking slip for the lottery. The slip is being chosen, and everyone is scared for their life.
  • Resolution
  • The climax happens when they draw from the lottery and it was Tessie Hutchision name, everyone was shocked and she is scared for her life.
  • The falling action when she's starts to scream to everyone that it isn't fair while all the people starts to crowding her with rocks.
  • As Tessie yells, as a stone hits her on the side of her head. Old man Warner, the oldest man in the village, tells the villagers to keep going. Then the villagers stopped throwing stones upon Tessie.
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