new england
Updated: 1/29/2021
new england

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  • plymouth colony
  • hartford (conneticut) Yes it had reliogous freedom
  • we should do a harvest festival
  • luckily the natives helped us farm and we have religous freedom
  • me and my 60 men will settle here and call it hartford make it a farming colony
  • puritan
  • unless you are a puritan that believes the same as us leave
  • me jhon winthrop is leader
  • boston (massuchusets bay colony)
  • you can buy this land
  • hey there wamponoung natives leader want to do a harvest festival
  • i will call it providence
  • william roger
  • for freedom religous freedom why did puritans kick me out
  • we want religous freedom the puritans kicked us out
  • sure
  • anne hutchensen
  • anne
  • I should settle here
  • omg good farmland!
  • nice a fising area i will make it a colony call it new hampshire
  • Its 1679 and as the king of england i will control new hampshire
  • after new england
  • before new england
  • this is war for land native americans