16.3 story board By Denisse Lopez

Updated: 1/29/2021
16.3 story board By Denisse Lopez

Storyboard Text

  • "Come on women" pg 35
  • "You can't have my books" pg 35
  • "The whole house is going up" pg 36
  • "No!" pg 53
  • "Let me fix your pillow" pg 53
  • "Well take the night off" pg 51
  • "I'm sorry, I didn't really think. But now it looks as if we're in this together" pg 63
  • In this scene Beatty is going to burn a woman and her house for keeping books hidden in her attic however, Montag is desperately trying to save the women.
  • In this scene, Montag is very nervous and anxious because under his pillow he is hiding a book however, Beatty already knows that he has a book hidden which makes him even more nervous. In fact, Beatty gives him a chance to confess about the book but he doesn't.
  • In this scene, Montag finally confesses to Mildred that he has been hiding books in the vent all along. When Mildred finds this out she is very shocked and even tries to burn the books however, Montag stops her. Montag, later on, reads a book to Mildred to see if she understands the book but, she doesn't.