HIstory Block 3 Asia Storyboard
Updated: 1/16/2020
HIstory Block 3 Asia Storyboard
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Storyboard Text

  • Although the peasants are becoming angry and resentful, I am not afraid of the peasants rebelling or corruption within the government.
  • Oh no! The Yellow Turban Rebellion has begun. All of the armies we raised via tax money aren't winning any fights against the rebel groups because of the corrupt government. I will have my revenge on the Daoist Zhang Jue for starting this rebellion!
  • I, the great general Taizu, have taken the throne! The rise of my kingdom, the Song dynasty, has begun. The Song dynasty will be an era of prosperity and wealth!
  • I have truly brought China into a golden age. Land distribution and taxation have been balanced, a new civil service exam has been created for people who want to get government positions, and less formal art has flourished during my time as ruler. The discovery of gunpowder and Champa rice and the creation of porcelain have propelled our kingdom forward and trading these goods through water transport has led to immense economic growth. Printing and sculpting religious figures have also grown in popularity.
  • Silk is definitely the most valuable item we produce. It is considered a luxury item all throughout Europe and is our most protected secret. Transporting silk wormeggs out of China is a serious crime. Unfortunately, two monks were able to sneak silkworm eggs to Europe. Now, Europeans are making silk as well.
  • The Silk Road is the route traders use to get to cities in Europe. It was originally created during the Han dynasty, however, as trade increased, so did the traffic on the Silk Road. The Silk Road starts in Chang'an in northern China and leads tothe Mediterranean Sea. Traders follow the Silk Road to the Mediterranean sea to sell furs, spices, silk, ceramics, bronze, and iron, and animals and plants. It is protected by the Great Wall of China which was originally built to protect the people living in the Song dynasty from invaders.
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