the princess part one
Updated: 4/6/2020
the princess part one

Storyboard Description

¨the princess part one" is about setting up the story for part two and so on. it is about a princess and a king. there also is a story teller who you will find out is more important than you think

Storyboard Text

  • i need to tell you a story that happended long ago. once upon a time
  • as long as my daughter is hidden and locked away she can´t harm me
  • there was an evil king who wanted to take over the world. it was prophasied the only person who could stop him would be one of his own children. he only had one child so he locked her away hidden awayin a tower.
  • little did the king know that in the tower the princess was planining a way to escape. the princess did not know she was related to the king. the king knew also she was very beautiful and if someone saw her they would save her so he dressed her in maid clothes and she was left there alone since she was a baby
  • why would anyone trap me here? i am going to leave this place and find out.