Updated: 3/12/2020

Storyboard Text

  • people who live in the past and are scared of what the future holds can better protect their people
  • The flying machine
  • ''i saw the man in the air flying with his wings"
  • when he sees him in the air flying
  • "what have you done"i have just told you said the flier"you have told me nothing at all
  • he asked him what he had done
  • "and how the distant towns not yet awake "
  • the emperor was worried about his people
  • who is it to say someday just such a man in just such an apparatus of paper and reed might not fly in the sky and drop huge stones upon the great wall of china
  • 'but then other man will have and evil face and an evil heart and the beauty will be gone it is this man i fear'
  • "these themes show the theme by showing how the emperors was confused and and then he took action and he was scared that something bad was gonna happen to china"