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earlyman storyboard
Updated: 9/17/2020
earlyman storyboard
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  • Homo Habilis
  • Homo erectus
  • Homo sapiens Neanderthal
  • homo habilis were the first human like creature, they were only around 5 feet tall and walked on 2 legs. They had simple tools like choppers and scrapers.
  • homo sapiens cro-magnon
  • homo erectus was the first humans. they had a sloping forehead, deep eye ridges and a small chin. they were able to harness fire when found in the wild but could not make it. they also had more advanced tools.
  • homo sapiens sapiens
  • homo sapiens Neanderthal looked similar to homo erectus , except a bigger chin. they lived in caves and would paint on the cave walls. they were also able to make fire.
  • homo sapiens cro-magnon were the first to learn how to plant crops. their tools switched towards more farming. The looked almost exactly like modern day humans and made homes near rivers so because they didn't need to hunt anymore.
  • homo sapiens sapiens looked like modern humans. they started to form civilizations and domesticate animals. they also could weave and do pottery.
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