Others too
Updated: 12/19/2020
Others too

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  • The doctor's appointment is tomorrow. Mom and Dad inform Grandma about the appointment. Grandma is furious and begs Mom to cancel the appointment. Grandma insists that she feels perfectly fine but her pale face and weak body tell a different story. Mom became frustrated with Grandma and yelled "YOU ARE GOING TO YOUR APPOINTMENT OR WE ARE GOING TO BRING A DOCTOR HERE".
  • The doctor's appointment is now here and Grandma is nervous. The doctor tells Grandma that he is going to do a quick exam on her to see what is going on. Whenever the doctor finished he pulled Mom and Dad aside to have a discussion about what he his findings. He asks them if they know if Grandma is taking her medicine. Mom and Dad both responded with a simulatneous, "Yes." The doctor then proceeds to tell them that the exam he did concludes that Grandma was not taking her medication.
  • Instead of confronting Grandma at the doctor's office Mom and Dad decided to wait. Mom and Dad tell Grandma to have a seat once they get home to discuss what the doctor informed them of. Mom proceeds to ask if Grandma has been taking her medicine. Grandma decided to lie and responded with a "Yes." Mom raises her voice and tells her "THAT IS NOT WHAT THE DOCTOR TOLD US"
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