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Updated: 1/16/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Let's make a canal
  • Yes, good idea
  • The Han Dynasty falls when the emperor gave up the throne. The 3 main groups fight (It was the court officials, emperor's servants and bodyguards, and clansmen of empress) They all fought for power and control.
  • During the rise of the Tang Dynasties they thought to make a canal. Today it is called the Grand canal. The Tang dynasty led up to the Golden age and prosperity.
  • In the golden age of the Tang dynasty, for people to get jobs, they had to take civil services test. This was to determine how much knowledge you have of Confucianism.
  • Rebellion broke out and the emperor ran away. Then the rebellion stopped. But, in the 800s more rebellions came out and the government grew weaker. After that China broke into 5 parts.
  • Taizu, a military general seized the throne. Taizu founded the Dynasty, but the northern Song Dynasty fell and was destroyed by the Jin Dynasty.
  • The Song dynasty was counted as the golden age. The Chinese had to keep their silk making a secret so no one knew. Farmers used different tools to farm and people discovered gunpowder.
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