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Updated: 2/22/2021
Unknown Story

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  • tyrone and kyle are at the school dance
  • hey kyle
  • hey tyrone
  • kyle wants tyrone to go outside
  • sure what do you need?
  • can you come out side with me for a sec
  • they go out side
  • ok yea it is a little hot in here
  • i just need to take a breather its a little hot in here
  • they get outside and kyle is offering his cigarette
  • no i don't want to but would to like to go back inside and get something to snack on
  • much better would you like to try it
  • kyle accepts the alternative
  • yea
  • ok i don't know why i need to smoke anyways in to young
  • kyle quits smoking and lives a healthy life
  • i don't know but at least you stopped
  • i don't know why is started smoking i knew it was bad for me in the first place