Hydrology Storyboard
Updated: 3/2/2020
Hydrology Storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • Don't you love the ocean Tyrone?
  • Of course LaQuisha, except for all the pollution that is caused due to lack of care from human impact
  • You're right...just like how the use of fossil fuels can cause extra carbon to enter the atmosphere causing too much heat to melt the glaciers...
  • ...which inevitably causes sea levels to rise which could flood all of our favorite places...like Orlando and New Orleans.
  • Well what can we do to help change all of this?
  • I just can't believe that people that we look up to...like politicians don't believe in global climate change
  • Well...I couldn't help but overhear...but you can actually lessen your carbon footprint and recycle and whatnot.
  • That's smart I'm gonna tell everyone to keep watch what is thrown in the trash and instead recycle
  • Tyrone and LaQuisha never thought about how they themselves impact the environment just as much as everyone else
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