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Paleolithic to Neolithic Age
Updated: 10/6/2020
Paleolithic to Neolithic Age
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  • In the Paleolithic , it was hard for the hunters and gatherers to find food and hunt their prey. It was not efficient and usually their prey got scared off.
  • Hey, you distracted me, welp there goes dinner.
  • . That is why they had to change the environment around them, like changing their food source and where they hunted. They also had to come up with new tools and ideas to survive, until farming came.
  • Baahhh
  • Come on Nigel, we don't know what these people are talking about.
  • When people began to see changes in the quantity of food they had (a surplus), they had extra time on their hands. This gave people a chance to craft new things like clothes, weapons, armor, and metal tools.
  • The Neolithic Age began with agriculture. People started to grow crops and domesticate animals. Farming also enabled nomads to settle down and stop moving from place to place following their food.
  • Hey, why do you look like me, oh right we're twins.
  • Moooo
  • A baby in the village needs some milk, that's right I'm lookin at you.
  • In the Paleolithic Age, people did not have a reliable and stable food source. People inn the Neolithic Age had a reliable food source and stayed in one place. Some cities traded with others to get what they needed.
  • The Neolithic Age has begun, and farming and agriculture is everywhere. People had more food than they could store, and started to build governments and laws. People also started to build cities and religions.
  • In the Paleolithic Era, hunters and gatherers were desperate for a change, because they were always chasing and searching for food. Eventually they had to change the environment around them. For example sometime they had to set a certain area on fire, when the plants grew back, the animals came, which gave them food. Also they had to change their food source, by going for smaller animals, and had to fish for food.
  • When people started to plant crops, and domesticate animals, this was the beginning of agriculture. Farmers used animals like goats and cattle for milk, and chicken for eggs. They also used sheep for cloth, and other materials. People also had surpluses of food, which gave them a chance to craft new things like clothes, weapons, and other items including metal items. Farming also allowed nomads to settle down and stop moving.
  • People had a more reliable and stable food source in the Neolithic Age than in the Paleolithic Age. As villages grew to cities, then when civilizations grew, governments, religion, and and laws began. Cities traded what they specialized with others who don't have what they have. Out of trading villages and governments got profit, food, and materials they did not have. Some cities had an economy, which is the production and distribution of goods and services.
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