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Updated: 3/11/2021
economics project

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  • Created by Adam Baker
  • Monopoly's and Sole Proprietorships
  • ´´well that makes sense because sole proprietors can only really exist in a competitive monopolistic market´´
  • ´´So i was just tryin to explains to her why technically she has a monopolistic hold on her market because she is the only one producing, and making profit from her business´´
  • speaking of sole proprietorships and monopolistic markets, it's easier to have a monopoly as a sole proprietor because everyone else is making the same things for different prices so you can just sort of make yourself better than them
  • that's a bit wordy but I get you
  • Usually a company or corporation starts out as the fastest or best producer of a product for a while with no other competitors which lets a single company control that market.
  • so how could a corporation be a monopoly?
  • so tell me my friend. how could a partnership become a
  • Good enough, my friend.
  • well, i guess if they grouped together to be the biggest producers or like they control most of the production they can control the market more.
  • wait! are you fidel castro!? didn't you die like 5 years ago?
  • yes! and no one will ever believe you if you tell them I was here