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Updated: 3/20/2020
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  • INT -Staircase
  • INT - Staircase Exit
  • INT - Toilet
  • SHOT: Long - DIR: Rayker has entered the cult base with Paul and is preparing to fight.SOUND: Ambience of water drops echoing throughout the hallways. Feint bat squeals. Footsteps.MISE EN SCENE: Area made up of stone bricks, lit up with torches. Medieval in nature.
  • INT - Staircase Exit
  • SHOT: Mid of Rayker and Paul in front of a door- DIR: Rayker and Paul try to figure out how to get past the door and then proceed to break it open.SOUND: Door knocking, slamming open. Footsteps.MISE EN SCENE: Door appears wooden and old fashioned.
  • INT - Open room
  • SHOT: Wide of Cultist on toilet - DIR: Cultist is caught off guard and Rayker closes the door.SOUND: Scream, plop sound from toilet, door shutting.MISE EN SCENE: Room looks like a modern toilet
  • INT - Open Room
  • SHOT: Mid tracking showing door again - DIR: Cam tracks from the closed door to an identical one to the right which they then open. SOUND: Door locks from inside, Door opening.MISE EN SCENE: Both doors look identical, creating confuision for the main characters.
  • SHOT: Wide establishing room - DIR: Cultist sees the two and runs away.SOUND: Footsteps, scream.MISE EN SCENE: Room looks open but with some objects scattered around for storage or fighting.
  • SHOT: Wide - DIR: Cultist come back followed by a horde of fellow cultists coming after the main characters.SOUND: Footsteps
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