Montag Evolution
Updated: 10/4/2018
Montag Evolution
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  • The Introduction of Montag
  • Of course. Happy how ridiculous
  • Are you happy?
  • Montag Influenced by Clarisse
  • We are already going without things and the third wall was installed two weeks ago!
  • When are we going to get our last wall installed? We could go without some things for a while.
  • Montag Grows Sick
  • That poor woman
  • Montag meets Clarisse one night after burning books. However, he remains true to his beliefs not knowing he will question them later.
  • Montag Becomes a Student
  • Please teach me to understand what I read. I just want someone to listen to me.
  • Montag begins to talk more to Clarisse and his thoughts and life at home with Mildred are changing. He begins to think for himself and he questions his job.
  • Montag Rebels
  • We never burned right.
  • Montag burns a woman and deals with feeling of guilt. Beatty comes over to "check on" Montag and convince him that books are not worth while.
  • Montag Finds Fulfillment
  • It's finally all over.
  • Montag goes to Faber's house and has become desperate to understand what is happening. Despite his original concerns, Faber agrees to tutor Montag.
  • Okay, come inside.
  • After burning his house down, Montag turn to Beatty. Having become friends with Faber, Montag burns Beatty to death and starts a new chapter of his life.
  • Go ahead now, pull the trigger.
  • Montag escapes the people searching for him and begins to live with a group of readers. A bomb is dropped on the city and it gets destroyed. Montag feels some sweet sadness as he realizes it time to start over again and time to do things right.
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