Out of my mind
Updated: 8/12/2020
Out of my mind

Storyboard Text

  • Mrs.V was the first visitor to visit Melody when she was born.
  • Mrs.V is a tall lady, with big hands and wears Colourful flowy dresses. She is Melodys next door neighbour and babysits Melody everyday after school until her parents come home.
  • Every afternoon Mrs.V places Melody on the floor and teaches Melody to roll over, Mrs. V Created a new board for Melodys Wheelchair with standard sentences and the alphabet.
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  • Mrs. V enjoys listening to hip hop music and often played it when Melody was over. When Mrs.V played music Melody would dance to it.
  • Mrs.V let Melody play outside in any weather wether it was a rainy day or a steaming hot day, one day Mrs.V let Melody out in the rain and played until her dad came to pick her up.
  • When Melodys dad came to pick her up she fell asleep and dreamt of chocolate clouds.