Does God Create Guilt

Updated: 9/17/2020
Does God Create Guilt

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  • What happens when someone commits a horrible act but still desires redemption? Does this god help them feel guilt for what they've done?
  • In the story of Hamlet, the king was murdered by his brother, and when pressed to feel guilt, he begs for forgiveness. However, he knows he still benefits from the king's death, and he questions if he deserves forgiveness
  • John Wilkes Booth committed a horrible murder which he felt justified in, but questioned how it would put him in his god's eyes.
  • I feel guilty before my god, yet I will not change.
  • I am begging god for forgiveness, and I want my soul to be saved
  • The threat of god can create guilt...
  • I do not feel guilty, but I don't know how my god views me, and my actions, though I feel I acted according to his will
  • But not always.
  • I feel guilty for killing, but I know I must do so for my god.
  • I am killing for my god and my religion
  • I feel justified and not guilty because I am serving my god
  • So, guilt can occur or be lacking in anyone, regardless of religion or god. God does not always create guilt.