Alexander the Great
Updated: 2/18/2020
Alexander the Great

Storyboard Description

That Macedonian guy does a birth and takes over a bunch of places

Storyboard Text

  • July 356 BCE
  • Hi excited, I'm dad!
  • Do babies think?
  • I'm excited about our new son.
  • 336 BCE
  • Looks like it's time to destroy some revolting peasants!
  • Well, he's dead, so that's some money for me!
  • I am clutching a wound that isn't visible so you are aware that I am dying.
  • 334 BCE
  • Just keep running and maybe he'll stop...
  • So, basically, my primary goal in life besides ruling the world is killing you.
  • Alexander the Great is born in Pella, Macedonia. His father is King Philip II and his mother is Olympias.
  • 331 BCE
  • We finally did it! We conquered Persia!
  • Maybe we can go home now!
  • King Philip II is assassinated by his bodyguard. At the age of twenty, Alexander becomes king and kills all of his rivals. He also gets rid of some Greek rebellions.
  • June 11, 323 BCE
  • Who does the empire belong to now?
  • The Macedonians, under Alexander the Great's rule, manage to win a battle against Darius III. This started their invasion of the Persian Empire. Some Greek states revolted and Alexander could loot the area.
  • 322 BCE - 275 BCE
  • It belongs to me!
  • I think this can only end in a fight...
  • He said it belongs to me!
  • Alexander wins the Battle of Gaugamela (or Battle of Arbela) on October 1st. He has successfully completed his conquest of Persia.
  • Alexander dies in Nebuchadnezzar II's palace.
  • Ouch, my everything!
  • The Wars of the Diadochi were wars fought between Alexander's generals after his death over his massive territory.
  • No, it's mine! I was totally his favorite!