Conflict Management continue
Updated: 2/4/2021
Conflict Management continue

Storyboard Text

  • I haven’t seen you at work in 2 days, is everything ok? Are you sick?
  • Why? What happened?
  • I am ok but I do not think I will be coming back. I am handing in my resignation tomorrow!
  • Don’t quit just yet Ms. James. Come to work tomorrow with an open mind and a clear heart, and let us see how best we can solve this issue.
  • I cannot continue to work with Principal Gayle. She is driving me crazy! Everything I do is an issue, especially my dress. I dress just like any other staff member and she always singles me out for being inappropriately dressed. I do not have fingers to count the amount of females who dress similarly to me.
  • Later that day...
  • Mrs. Gayle may I have a word with you after school?
  • Yes just need to discuss something with you.
  • Sure Ms. Brown, is everything ok?
  • 3:00pm after school in Principal Gayle’s office
  • I just wanted to check in on one of my mentees, Ms. K. James. How is she doing?
  • She is ok so far, just needs to adjust her dressing. I do not think her dressing is appropriate for work.
  • Ok I understand, I am suggesting that we set a meet for tomorrow to meet with her and see how we can move past this issue. Is that ok with you?
  • Another thing I want for you to do is come to this meeting with an open mind and a clear heart.
  • Sure, we can meet at 3:00pm right after school.
  • A meeting was set for 3:00pm the following day. The meeting was attended by Principal Gayle, Mentor Brown and Mentee James, Ms. Brown led the meeting. During the meeting the principal was asked to state what she thought was wrong with the teachers dress and how she can improve her dress without changing much of her style. The teacher was asked why she thinks her dressing is a personal matter and not a school matter. Both principal and teacher will be asked to analyze what was said during the meeting and work to see how they can move past this issue. The evaluation was for the teacher to make her pants more loose fitting and not above the ankle, ensuring that her cleavage is not showing among other things. The teacher agreed to adhere to the recommendations, but would like that other teachers on staff he held accountable to the same rules and recommendation.