Part 1 of Hamlet Comic Strip
Updated: 3/9/2020
Part 1 of Hamlet Comic Strip
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  • Rosencratz:"He does confess he feels himself distracted but from what cause he will by no means speak"
  • Claudius:"Ok then thanks for spying on him for me
  • Claudius:"Can you by no drift of conference get from why he puts on this confusion"
  • Polonius:Hey king I think Hamlet is going mad is because my daughter broke up with him
  • CLaudius:Ok then lets set up a meeting between the 2 and see what happens
  • Hamlet:I love you too Ophelia...wait nvm I don't love you and I never did
  • Hamlet:"The fair Ophelia.-Nymph in thy orisons be all my sins remembered"
  • Ophelia:"My lord, I have remembrance of yours that i have longed to redeliver"
  • Rosencratz tells the king he was unable to find out why he is going crazy
  • Hamlet:Goodnight mother I will drag his body out of here nice talking to you
  • Queen:Goodnight Hamlet
  • Polonius thinks Hamlet is going crazy over his daughter Ophelia so they want to spy on them talking
  • Hamlet and Ophelia talk and at first Hamlet says that he loved Ophelia but then he says that he never did
  • Hamlet and his mother talk and then Hamlet agrees to drag Polonius out of the room(This is supposed to be my last box and is unrelated to the top part)
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