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Romeo and Juliet Act 4 Scene 1-2
Updated: 10/31/2020
Romeo and Juliet Act 4 Scene 1-2
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  • She is grieving too much about Tybalt’s death. The marriage is rushed, so that she will stop crying, because she has me to comfort her.
  • That is how my future father-in-law Capulet wants it.
  • On Thursday? That’s so soon!
  • You said you don’t know what Juliet thinks, that’s not very good
  • Act IV Scene I
  • Hello, my lady and wife.
  • That could be true after I’m married, sir.
  • *Juliet enters*
  • God forbid that I should prevent sacred devotion! Juliet, I shall wake you early on Thursday.
  • *Paris kisses Juliet and leaves*
  • I have time for you know, Juliet. Paris, I must ask you to leave us alone.
  • Friar, what should I do? This mess is beyond hope! Tell me how to prevent this wedding, or else please call my solution wise. *Juliet shows Friar a knife* I will solve the problem with this knife. I would rather kill myself than marry Paris.
  • Wait, I see hope! Go home, and tell your family that you will marry Paris. Tomorrow night, take this vial *Friar shows Juliet a vial of liquid* and drink it.
  • It will make it look like you are dead, but you will wake up 42 hours later perfectly fine. I will find Romeo, and he will rescue you from your coffin that your family would put you in. The two of you can escape, living happily together forever! Don’t let fear ruin your brave effort.
  • Give me the vial! Don’t talk to me about fear!
  • *Friar gives Juliet the Vial**Friar Lawrence and Juliet exit separately*
  • Has my daughter gone to see Friar Lawrence?
  • Yes. Oh look, here she comes with a smile on her face!
  • I learned that being disobedient to my father is a sin. *Juliet kneels down*
  • Act IV Scene II
  • *Juliet stands up, asks the Nurse to help her get ready for the wedding, and they both leave*
  • Good! Stand up. This makes me happy.
  • Forgive me, I beg you, I’ll do what you say. I met the young man Paris at Lawrence’s cell, and treated him with respect while being modest.
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