Updated: 2/7/2020

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  • After Richard attempts to run away from the orphan home, his mother confronts him.
  • I don't want to stay here.
  • Why did you do it?
  • i wish their father would help
  • I want you to ask your father for enough $ for us to go to my sister's in Arkansas
  • I hate it here... I hate these choices that I do not like
  • It's not for me.. it's for your kids that I'm asking for $
  • *Richard doesn't move and threatens the two*
  • I ain't got nothing. *lol*
  • Come here boy.. he's cute, give him a nickel!
  • Don't take it.
  • Here Richard. *hands out a nickel*
  • I want to take the nickel, but not from my father.
  • Richard looks between his mother, the strange woman, and his father.He refuses to take it.
  • Don't teach him to be a fool. Here Richard, take it. >:)
  • *Richard and his mother leave, desperate and angry.*
  • You ought to be ashamed, God will make you pay.
  • That's all I got. *lol*