Emma James Act 4 Summary Romeo and Juliet

Updated: 5/13/2020
Emma James Act 4 Summary Romeo and Juliet

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  • Emma James Act IV Summary
  • Act IV Scene I
  • Act IV Scene II
  • The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet
  • Act IV Scene III
  • Juliet has come to the Friar's cell for advice and help. There she meets Paris who had come to the Friar to discuss his wedding. Juliet asks to speak to the Friar alone, and she tells him all her troubles. The Friar creates a plan in which she will take a sleeping potion that will make her appear dead so that she may escape the wedding and be with Romeo.
  • Act IV Scene IV
  • In Scene 2, the wedding is being planned, and Juliet has come to apologize to her father and tell him that she agrees to the wedding and will obey his every word from now on. However, dramatic irony is present as the audience knows that Juliet has just gone behind his back to escape the wedding and be with Romeo.
  • Act IV Scene V
  • Juliet goes off into her chamber and asks the Nurse and her mother to leave so that she may be alone. She has the vial the Friar gave her, but doubts and fear cloud her mind as to whether she should take it. Eventually, she thinks of Romeo and drinks the entire thing, putting her into a deep sleep.
  • Everyone is getting ready for the Juliet and Paris' wedding. Lord and Lady Capulet have gotten everything ready and have sent off their servants to do more work while the Nurse goes to wake Juliet and get her ready.
  • The Nurse finds Juliet and declares her dead. She calls the Capulet's and they all mourn their only daughter. The wedding is off and funeral preparations are made. The Friar offers words of comfort, but he is the only one who knows this is fake.