The Yellow Wallpaper
Updated: 2/13/2020
The Yellow Wallpaper

Storyboard Text

  • The main conflict is a fight between the narrator and how her husband believes she should stay inside due to being mentally ill. Yet the narrator thinks she should go out and do things that she loves to get better. She begins to write and keep it a secret because she loves to but it turns dark when she begins to obsess over the wallpaper.
  • The symbolism of the woman in the walls is a clear contrast to how the narrator feels as if she is trapped inside the house and her room and how no matter how much she walks around she is always trapped by the walls. She resolves it when she goes mad and the husband walks in and dies. Which resolves it by giving her the ability to walk over him and out into freedom.
  • The theme of everyone should be treated differently and when you don't let people be themselves it can cause them to go mad is obvious, when she talks on how her husband tells her to stay inside but she feels as if she should go outside and write and do the things that she loves in order to get better.