evolution story board

Updated: 5/24/2021
evolution story board

Storyboard Text

  • I love my home! It's so pretty, but it's getting a lot warmer for some reason 
  • There's not a lot of food now because the fish have stopped coming; the clan has decided to move to a place with more food.
  • It's really hot here even if there's snow, some of us have died from heat stroke but clan members with thinner fur are doing better with the temperature changes. Only problem is the volcano over there making the temperature changes even worse when it erupts.
  • Our fur keeps getting thinner and thinner as we adapt to the warm weather, but these rocks keep getting in our way, so we'll keep moving
  • Now our fur is even thinner but also brown now because that makes it easier to hunt, but the trees aren't good for us so we'll keep moving.
  • This place is perfect! Everyone loves how it has lots of food, space and how it feels like the stories described our old home!