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Updated: 2/13/2020
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  • Person vs. Nature
  • "First came the hansom. There was no one in the driver's seat. On the roof-not sitting, but, standing on the roof-swayingwith superb balance as it came at full speedround the corner with one wheel-was Jadis, the Queen of Queens, and, the Terror of Charn. Her teeth were bared, her eyes shone like fire, and, her long hair streamed out behind her like a comet's tail. She was flogging the horse without mercy." Pg. 101
  • Move horse!
  • "'What woman is this?' said Jadis. 'Down on your knees, minion, before I blast you.' 'No strong language in this house if you please, young woman,' said Aunt Letty. Instantly, as it seemed to Uncle Andrew, the Queen towered up to an even greater height. Fire flashed from her eyes: she flung out her arm with the same gesture, and, the same horrible sounding words that had lately turned the palace-gates of Charn to dust." Pg. 94
  • Down on your knees, minion, before I blast you!
  • Person vs. Person
  • No strong language in this house if you please, young woman
  • What woman is this?
  • Can that really help mom? She can be out of that bed like she was before she got sick? But I can't get my hopes up.
  • ""That was how Digory felt. But it was no good trying to throttle this hope. It might be true. So many odd things had happened already. And he had the magic rings. There must be worlds you could get to through every pool." Pg. 100
  • Here are the grapes!
  • Thank you, I don't think anything else would help in this world'll help her, but something from the land of the youth.
  • Person vs. Self
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