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Congressional Congress Comic
Updated: 11/7/2019
Congressional Congress Comic
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  • Hullo I am poor farmer.
  • Hullo I am also poor farmer as well, to.
  • Hullo I can't pay taxes so I shoot stuff and yell at people because and money and my name is Shay because so it is Shay's rebellion and now delegatories are locked in a room in Pennsylvania and won't explain why.
  • Can someone take notes please? How about you James Madison?
  • Say, I have a great idea involving the Articles of Confederation and a raging fire.
  • secrecy is good so we don't upset the general public,
  • Articles of Confederation
  • Don't let this new idea take away state rights!
  • Burn them! Make it better!
  • I want a strong government to protect the people!
  • How do we divide the voting rights and government?
  • Be quiet! The public will hear us!
  • The Virginia plan is terrible! It gives the big states all the power!
  • How about this: they both suck!
  • Oh so you're so smart. Well, what would you do?
  • So you'd rather take that awful New Jersey plan!?!
  • Um...
  • HA!!
  • But what do we do about slaves?
  • I want cake.
  • I like Roger Sherman's new plan!
  • Let's just make the constitution!
  • Yay! Woohoo!
  • I cannot foresee any problems with this new paper of law-ism.
  • I hereby Announce the existence of the constitution
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