Riya goes to Turkey (Part 2)

Riya goes to Turkey  (Part 2)

Storyboard Description

Part 1 was Riya struggling to get to Turkey because of less support, financial problems and studies but by the end, Riya and her friends joined together and made a team deciding they'll go to Turkey on their own money, cars and other equipment. In Part 2, Riya gets ready, prepares money and other assigned duties, and reaches Turkey. Problems come in people, money and more but Riya finally gets there but... it seems that one of her friends backs out (or at least wants to..) and Riya is hurt. She then makes a major decision to get her friend back which shocks everyone! Want to know what that it? Read the comic to find out this amazing adventure!

Storyboard Text

  • I should start packing already!
  • OMG! I can't believe that we're going to Turkey next week!
  • Water bottleLunch boxPhoneLaptopClothsNotebook
  • … I guess that's enough... Oh wait, photos! And my Harry Potter books!
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