Han Dynasty Falls Song Dynasty Reunifies China
Updated: 1/16/2020
Han Dynasty Falls Song Dynasty Reunifies China
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  •  The Han Dynasty
  • Please help us we are extremely poor!
  • Nah, you guys need to work for us and we will totally reward you!
  • The Fall of the Han Dynasty
  • The Tang Dynasty
  • The Cities of the Han Dynasty thrived under proffesional government officials who took super hard tests. They were greedy and corrupt and soon the Han Dynasty collasped.
  • The Song Dynasty
  • During the corrupt times peasants revolted against the king and tried to take control of the government. Becuase the government offcials made themselves richer as the peasants became poorer.
  • Song Dynasty Flourishes
  • After the fall of the Han Dynasty the Tang Dynasty was able to reunify China but still under the same rules. They did not make many new inventions because the empire fell in a short time.
  • Song Dynasties Religions
  • After the Tang Dynasty fell cam the Song Dynasty. This was known as the Golden Age of China. They made crossbows that fired with gun powder. They made many innovations and items.
  • Because the Song Dynasty made many discoveries. They flourished and continued trade routes with people from Europe and India.
  • Since the Silk Road has opened again many people have been taking beliefs and traveling the globe to extend their beliefs to all places and China had became mixed up with different religions
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