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Updated: 10/3/2021
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  • labor Issues
  • Immigration & Urbanization
  • Women's Rights
  • During the Progressive Era working conditions were frequently unsafe and led to deadly accidents. Workers fought their often demeaning work conditions by uniting together into collective groups and unions.
  • Government Reforms
  • Urbanization was driven by the massive influx of unskilled immigrants who also flocked to the industrial cities to start their new life in America, the land of opportunity. Pollution and poor sanitation led to deadly epidemics in the towns and cities.
  • Prohibition
  • Women became leaders in a range of social and political movements. Women's suffrage became a huge priority for women during this time; especially for the right to vote. Women of middle and upper classes created three groups that were most important to the women's suffrage movement: the NAWSA, NWSA, AWSA and NWP.
  • Muckrakers/Crusaders
  • The Progressives were committed to changing and reforming every aspect of the state, society and economy. A main objective of the Progressive Era movement was to eliminate corruption within the government. They made it a point to also focus on family, education, and many other important aspects that still are enforced today.
  • The progressives believed the problems caused by the abuse of alcohol was one a major concern. They considered alcohol to be the major cause of all poverty, disease, crime, mental illness, violence, and misery. It was also, they insisted, the primary cause of spouse abuse, child abuse and neglect, and divorce.
  • The muckrakers were reform-minded journalists in the Progressive Era who exposed established institutions and leaders as corrupt. They typically had large audiences in popular magazines and played a highly visible role during the Progressive Era.