The haunted hillhouse
Updated: 7/22/2020
The haunted hillhouse
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  • What is this place?
  • I'm going in anyway!
  • This place isn't that bad....wait, what was that sound? Did it come from upstairs? I don't like it here, I'm leaving!
  • Please leave me alone, I I mean to disturb you. Let me go!
  • Amber Lee, a thirteen year old adventurer, who got herself to visit 'The haunted hillhouse', an abandoned house which looked very gloomy, almost as if someone had suck the life and joy out of it.
  • Amber went in the creepy house, but little did she know, she was up for alot more than a bunch of insects, chipped wall paint and rusted furniture.
  • Ha! Fight that!
  • Oh no!!! Ahh
  • Few minutes in, Amber started to explore the old house. Suddenly, she heard a weird sound, coming from the room located on the second floor. She felt petrified and decided to leave.
  • Im out of here!
  • Amber was now stuck with a humongous shadow waiting at the door for her. She screamed at the top of her lungs, but instead of letting her go, the shadow chased her throughout the hillhouse.
  • Then, Amber went upstairs through the broken stairs and she saw several ghost jars. When she found one that was empty, she grabbed it as fast as lightning and pointed it towards the creepy shadow.
  • After she captured the shadow, she felt relieved and decided that she had had enough for that day. She closed the ghost jar tightly and ran towards the door to get herself out of that monstrosity.
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