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the outsiders
Updated: 11/13/2020
the outsiders
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  • Gasp!
  • we got a spy, a good-lookin' broad.
  • Cherry!!
  • you should have just turned your selves in. it would save a lot of trouble.
  • I was scared
  • ZOOM
  • Did we do that!?!
  • where are the kids, I told them not to play in the church?!
  • Crackle ,Crackle, szsz, szsz
  • We're goin' to get you out!
  • After a couple day hide out in the church, towheaded, sharp looking Dally came searching for Johnny and Ponyboy. He told them how everyone is worried and are searching for them. Dally also said that they had a spy; Cherry Valance.
  • aaaaaaaaa
  • Please help!
  • Soon after they finished there meals, Dally started to drive back down the brick rode, gooding fast in his car. He suggested that Johnny and Ponyboy turned themselves in but Johnny, answered by saying he was scared.
  • weeeor weeeor weeeor
  • No, were greasers.
  • Oh ponyboy I thought we lost You!
  • Out of there corner of there eye they see that the old church was on fire! All johnny was thinking about was If they started it. Many, parents gathered because they were having a community picnic, some were looking for kid and figured they were in the church!
  • Sniffels
  • O Ponyboy! Your hair!
  • Ponyboy and Johnny rush through the church to save the kids. There was 4 young kids all crying desperately for help. They one by one got dropped out of the window while the roof started to collapse on them.
  • Ponyboy keeled over from inhaling too much smoke and got driven to the hospital. Dally and Johnny were in the ambulance behind them. Ponyboy was still confused and confessed to the doctor he was a greaser, but the doctors all thought he was sent right from heaven.
  • You 3 are the bravest kids I'v seen in a long time. we think you were sent straight from heaven, or are you professional life savers?
  • Shortly later, Soda Pop greets ponyboy in the hospital room and gives him a big bear hug. between sniffles Soda mentioned Ponyboy's hair. And out of shook, Ponyboy realizes Darry is standing at the door way.
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