Of Mice and Men project

Of Mice and Men  project

Storyboard Text

  • I done a bad thing, i done a really bad thing, George is going to be mad at me 
  • George i done a bad thing George, What do we do now 
  • Ok George, So you ant going to give me hell? tell me like you done before
  • Everything is going to be ok, why don't you look into the mountains and think about our american dream and how we are going to get out of this place 
  • Go on George tell me
  • Now look across the river into the mountains and you will be able to picture it. Guys like us got no family, they got nobody with them like we do
  • Lennie had just killed Curley's wife and he is going to the bush that George told him to go if he did anything bad.
  • HAHA, Go on George, keep going
  • we are different from everyone else, we have each other
  • George is explaining to Lennie that everything is going to be ok and that Lennie should look into the mountains and picture their american dream.
  • Im sorry George i didn't mean to make you mad.
  • No Lennie I ain't mad. I never been mad, an' I ain't now. That's a thing i want ya to know
  • George is telling Lennie about how they always have each other
  • Im sorry Lennie, I needed to do whats best for the both of us 
  • George is saying his last few words to Lennie before George does the unthinkable to make things right.
  • George ends Lennie's life in the best way he can, he did it so that he didn't have to watch Lennie suffer and be tortured by Curley.
  • George has finally done it and now he will never talk to Lennie again and that hurts George because Lennie has been with him through all of their lives and now it ends 
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