Updated: 3/4/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Soo, my name is Blue. I have two bodies, a secret life (or lives), and no one knows about it.
  • One, I have this body and I can change into my other one. It's invisible and moves like slime in a way. This also isn't my first life.
  • Fast forward, I got over the whole "what's the point of life thing" by learning to open up and appreciate every single life I get.
  • Two, I've lived and died as a human, rabbit, dog, and just everything. No one knows about it, even when I try to tell them. They think I'm crazy. It especially didn't work out during the Salem witch trials. Oops.
  • Three, I have awesome roommates. At least, they seem to have fun. I just can't bring myself to talk to them. I'm basically a stranger in my own apartment.
  • That's Sage in the, well, sage. That's Cairo in the blue. Yeah, yeah I've heard all the jokes. That's Ben in the orange.
  • Look at those two HA, couldn't find their shoes if they were on their own two feet.
  • Four, life of crime, because duh I can be invisible. Who wouldn't?
  • Plus, who would wanna forget these guys...
  • See you in the next life.