World Religions
Updated: 9/10/2020
World Religions

Storyboard Text

  • Hi guys my name is Joshua and this is my Christian Church and we worship Jesus. I am going to tell you about my religion and we can all compare and contrast when we move on to one of your worship locations!
  • Perfect! I am Muslim and I worship my god, Allah.
  • Excellent! I am Jewish and worship Yahweh.
  • I respect your point of views. I still love you despite your beliefs. Salam.
  • I am here to spread the good news of Jesus Christ to save people's lives. Jesus taught to love people in this life so that is what I try to do all the time. Since I am a Christian and have accepted Jesus as my savior I am going to Heaven when I die. Hopefully you guys will do the same. All glory to God!
  • I believe in eternal life with God as well, but I do believe Jesus was just a man and not God. I will always be here to help you. Shalom and pleasing to meet you.
  • Awesome! I am curious to learn more about it and help lead you in a way to find Jesus.
  • Welcome to my Synagogue, I am Murray. I worship God here. I will tell you guys about my religion and the way I live and different practices i perform as part of being a Jew.
  • Ok! I will also continue to love you, but I will always be loyal to Allah.
  • I keep the 7 laws kept in the Torah, my Holy Book. I also believe in a future judgement deciding where we end up after death.
  • The Bible tells me the same thing about death, but I celebrate things such as Christmas instead. Thank you for sharing brother, nice meeting you.
  • That is very interesting information. I have many traditions and rituals as well!
  • I try my best to grow as close as possible with Yahweh because He created everything including me and you. I have to do things like wear a hat called a Yamaka and I celebrate Hanukkah and my bar mitzvah (entrance to manhood).
  • This is a cool place.  I respect how much you love your god I feel the same way about mine because Jesus laid down His life for me.
  • Hello, I am Aditi! Welcome to my mosque where I worship the one and only Allah whom I devote my life to. He created every single thing, so I must serve and worship him as much as possible to have real peace.
  • I am curious to learn all about your rituals and practices to compare them to mine along with rules of life.
  • Thank you for sharing your faith Aditi, I recommend you following me, but your religion is quite interesting. Nice meeting you. Goodbye!
  • Nice meeting you guys! Thank you for teaching me about your life and ways. I respect your dedication as well!
  • I read scripture from the Qur'an. I pray 5 times a day towards the city of Mecca which is the holy city. Shahada is my declaration of faith along with salat where I serve 5 times a day as well. I will love and respect everyone, so when judgement comes I can go to the promised land with Allah and keep the angel of death away from me. Nice meeting you guys, goodbye!