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Updated: 9/12/2021
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  • At school
  • Annabeth - Absolute monarchyPercy - Constitutional monarchyGrover - AristocracyTyson - DemocracyClarisse - Dictatorship
  • For the Quiz these are the people who are going to explain the different kinds of governments.
  • Absolute monarchy
  • Absolute monarchy is when a single person takes every decision and can do what ever they want. The people have no rights to vote or say anything. The power is passed through families. Like if you're father is king then when he dies you become the ruler. Saudi Arabia is a place where there is absolute monarchy
  • Constitutional monarchy
  • Constitutional monarchy is when there is a king or queen but they do not have unlimited power. They also have to follow the rules in the constitution . An example of a place with constitutional monarchy is Thailand.
  • Aristocracy
  • Aristocracy is a form of government where a group of noble people rule. Today there are not many aristocracies left.
  • Democracy
  • Democracy is when there is no king or queen. People have rights to vote for their leader. There is no 1 person who rules. A group of people form the government and they all rule. An example is India
  • Dictatorship
  • Dictatorship is just like absolute monarchy except the ruler is very cruel and violent. An example is Mali