World War One Storyboard
Updated: 3/22/2020
World War One Storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • Ready Fire Your gun!!
  • Yayyyy! We got someone
  • Oh no!! We need a nurse now!
  • Restaurant
  • we need to hurry
  • Hospital
  • Post Office
  • 1. Soldiers on the battlefield fighting!
  • Oh no! Please lay down so I can examine your injury
  • I am in so much pain!!!
  • 2. Oh No! Soldier Brown just got shot by a machine gun from the opposing side and we need a nurse! Hurry Nurses!!!
  • 3. The nurses are taking the injured soldier to the hospital
  • Question: How were soldiers injured in World War One and how did doctors, nurses and scientists treat them?Answer: Soldiers could either be injured by a gun, explosion or by getting sick. In my example, Soldier Brown got shot in the leg by a machine gun from the opposing team. The nurses and doctors had to heal him and get him back on the battle field as soon as possible so he can fight. Many people died during WW1 and also people did survive.
  • 4. The other nurse is shocked when the patient enters the room with the injuries
  • 5. The soldier just got surgery and is now recovering from his wound
  • 6. Questions and Answers