Updated: 2/2/2020
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  • Gravity attracts things to the center of the Earth, so when something falls (like me) they are being pulled down by the force of Gravity, instead of floating.
  • The force that is pulling me down is the force of Gravity!
  • The elastic force in the bungee is causing me to bounce up and down when I fall.
  • But, thanks for elastic force, I'm still alive!
  • I am currently passing though gas (air) which is causing air resistance.
  • fluid friction, also known as air resistance, is a fractional force that occurs when an object passes though gas or liquid.
  • yes, yes. YES!
  • omg, omg, omg, omg, omg
  • Thanks to gravity, elastic force, air resistance, I survived my journey, I want you to be with me for the rest of my journeys.
  • OH NO!!
  • The force of magnetism is pulling the ring away! Magnetism is caused by atoms that carry electric charges.
  • the atoms in the ring and the magnet attracted to each other
  • Well, that magnetism for ya!
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