Otto Goes Through Changes
Updated: 2/21/2021
Otto Goes Through Changes

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  • Dad please no, can't this wait till I am older or at least a time that isn't my birthday?
  • I'd rather never do this.
  • Otto now that you've turned 13 I think it's time we talk about the changes going on in your body. 
  • If I do then you would just avoid me and besides it's better now than never.
  • Your reproductive system consists of your testes, scrotum, sperm, semen, sperm duct, penis, urethra, seminal vesicle, bladder, prostate gland.
  • We will be talking about is your reproductive system. Your reproductive system is important for when you grow up and find someone you want to start a family with.
  • The scrotum is what holds the testis outside the body, the reason for this is to keep sperm at a lower temperature than the rest of the body.
  • First lets start with the outer parts of the system.
  • The urethra in the penis is what allows urine and semen to leave the body although the two never mix.
  • Do I really need to know all this?
  • Sperm are produced in the testis and they each have a head and tail. They use their tails to travel from the testes through sperm ducts that go around the bladder
  • Behind the bladder there is a gland called the seminal vesicle provides sperm with a fluid which when mixed is called semen.
  • Would I get in trouble if I just left? What's stopping me?
  • Remember when I said semen and urine both leave the body thorough the urethra well then reason the two never mix is because a muscle at the back of the bladder.
  • This muscle is called the prostate gland and it squeezes to stop urine from entering the urethra when semen is leaving the body.
  • So we are finally done!
  • Well that about all a should have to say for now.
  • Yes, now you can go play with your gifts.