A Story with Dynasty in it

Updated: 8/18/2021
A Story with Dynasty in it

Storyboard Text

  • ...and that is how your great-great grandfather slew the Ulaanbaatar Dragon with a rock!
  • Yes father... you've told me the story many times.
  • That reminds me, do you know what today is?
  • Yes, father, my 18th birthday! I thought you had forgotten!
  • Frankly I did. But today is a very important day for you son.
  • *sigh* How so?
  •  Today you shall inherit leadership of the Fictional Dynasty!.
  • Remind me father.. what exactly is a dynasty?
  • For the sake of the narrator's grade, I'm glad you asked!
  • A dynasty is a patriarchal lineage of the rulers of a country. When your male offspring come of age, they too will succeed you.
  • Interesting..
  • Did you say narrator?
  • The End