Updated: 1/23/2020
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  • scence 1
  • whats that sound 
  • *thump**bang*
  • scence 2
  • please don't take my child and husband
  • you have to come with us, jews 
  • *hahaha*
  • scence 3
  • Come on kids we have to meet yourr dad.
  • Josef hears a loud noise form down stairs and gets scared,so he hides behind his blanket.
  • scence 4
  • Nazis break in to Josefs house, mess everything up(throw things). They also take his dad to a concentration camp.
  • scence 5
  • yes, please *cough*
  • After a few months Josefs dad was released form the concenstration camp, the only condition is that their whole family has to leave the country.
  • scence 6
  • What will we do now.*trembling voice*
  • Josef and his family are moving to Cuba because thats the only place they could go to. The catch is they are not suppose to be on it, because there on Nazis on the ship.
  • Mommy i don't want to go
  • It's ok honey, this is going to better our lives.
  • Josef's father is very sick, and in very bad condition.His condition was so bad that the doctor on the ship turned away when they asked for help.
  • please help my dad is very sick
  • Once Josef and his family landed in Cuba,they couldn't get off the ship for a few days. Only some people could get off. As the crowd of people still on the ship started to yell and get angry, a captin came down and said that the ship is turning around, nobady else is allowed in Cuba. As the ship left the passangers still didn't know there destination.
  • Mommy where are we going!
  • I can't believe they're sending us away!
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