Updated: 2/12/2020

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  • One day i will star a us colony in spanish texas
  • NO
  • Here we begin with Moses Austin. A business owner and banker. Moses had a dream of starting a U.S colony in spanish texas. Soon after his death in the same year his son stephen took over and continued his dream.
  • The settlers had to promise to become Mexican citizens and to join the Catholic Church. Mexican officials agreed to let Austin start his colony under certain conditions, including that he select only moral and hardworking settlers. Stephen F. Austin arrived in Texas just as Mexico declared its independence from Spain and took control of Texas.
  • Tensions between the two groups soon arose.The Americans had several complaints. They were used to governing themselves, and they resented taking orders from Mexican officials.
  • WE WON
  • Soon after Austin was released in 1835, Texans rose up in revolt. Determined to crush the rebels, Santa Anna marched north with some 6,000 troops.
  • In late February 1836, a large part of Santa Anna's army reached San Antonio, Texas. About 180 Texan volunteers, including eight Tejanos, defended the town. The Texans had taken over an old mission known as the Alamo.
  • Late afternoon texans overran the mexican camp. Promoting santa ana to leave. He was captured the next day and in exchange for freedom he ordered all his remaining troops to texas. The Texas War for Independence had been won, but Mexico did not fully accept the loss of its territory.