daedalus and icarus
Updated: 6/3/2020
daedalus and icarus

Storyboard Text

  • Son hurry! the guards will be here soon!
  • Don't worry so much father, I'm here. And we are going to get out of here
  • Just remember, we only have one chance to do this, or we aren't getting out. Get your wings on
  • I know, I know
  • *Clang*
  • Just remember not to fly to close to the sun, or the wax will melt and you'll fall
  • We have to hurry! they're coming!
  • Run!
  • Son! You're to close to the sun!
  • Don't worry! I know what I'm doing
  • He's going to die and nothing can save him! He was to close to the sun! My poor son!