The Cannon- Bard Theory of Emotion
Updated: 11/2/2020
The Cannon- Bard Theory of Emotion

Storyboard Description

Man is enjoying a day out, sees a free ice cream sign and decided to go get one, When walking he decided to go get some, when all of a sudden he sees a car speeding down an alley way not slowing down, is he gonna get hit!?!?!?

Storyboard Text

  • The Cannon- Bard theory of emotion
  • Step 1: Man goes to get free ice cream- car is heading his way and doesn't seam to be slowing down.
  • Free Ice cream
  • There is a car coming
  • Step 2: Car cause arousal and emotion- Man gets scared and runs.
  • Free Ice Cream
  • OH NO!!!! Its gonna hit me
  • After step 1: When seeing the car the eyes send signals to the brain of what is happening and your brain tells you to be scared and move
  • brain sends signals to bodies muscles
  • brain sends signals to bodies emotions.
  • I'm gonna get hit!!!
  • Body responds to what was concluded by the brain. Man turns around and runs!