Echolocation By: Essence Clarke
Updated: 6/9/2020
Echolocation By: Essence Clarke
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  • Echolocation and Animals that use it.
  • What Is Echolocation?
  • Echolocation is a ability that some animals use to navigate, comunnicate, and find food!
  • As you can see, these bats are using echolocation to navigate and comunicate. Later on they will use their ability to hunt.
  • Without echolocation they would probly die of starvation or serious injury because without echolocation they cant see or navigate anything...
  • Bats are not the only ones who have this ability. Whales use echolocation to navigate others and find food.
  • Hmm...Lets look at some facts!
  • 1. Whales use clicking sounds to comunicate 2. People who record whale echolation can predict the ammount of air in a whales head3.Whales can use echolocation to find their young if there lost
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  • Thats it for today. Which was your favrite animal, bats or whales?
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