A mid summer's night dream
Updated: 5/10/2020
A mid summer's night dream
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  • 0h my fair love! You may sleep here. I will sleep beside you and wrap my arms around you.
  • We are here, oh Bottom sir.
  • Where are the faeries!? I need oats and grass right now!
  • Zzzz....
  • Earlier that day as recollected by Oberon to Robin...
  • Of course you can! Have him in your clan! I have a new lover under the bed cover!
  • Zzzz....
  • Titania! There you are! I was wondering if I could have your child now?
  • Titania awakens from her sleep. Unbeknownst to her, Oberon has squeezed the flower juice on her eyelids to reverse the love she feels for Bottom.
  • Thank goodness I put the juice from the flower in Titania's eyes while she slept.
  • Oh my goodness! I just dreamt that I was in love with an ass!
  • Good job, Robin! It worked. I got Titania's child! Now I need you to take off the man's ass-head please.
  • Zzzz....
  • Thanks sir! I will now go to remove the ass off the man's head.
  • Theseus, Egeus, and Hippolyta are hunting when they stumble across the four young lovers sleeping. Theseus commands his hunters to sound their horns and wake the slumbering group.
  • Very well then. Egeus, I am overriding your wishes. These four will get married along with Hippolyta and I.
  • Wait!! I love Helena now and Helena loves me! Lysander loves Hermia and she loves him!
  • Punish Lysander!
  • Now you four. Follow me back to the Athenian temple where we will all get married.
  • Since we all had very interesting dreams about each other, why don't we talk about them on the way back.
  • Where, oh where is Bottom? If he doesn't show up the play will be ruined!!
  • Somewhere else in the forest, Bottom wakes up without his ass-head . He wonders why his company left him alone to sleep. Meanwhile, his company have been looking for him. They are all relieved to be reconnected.
  • There he is! Wonderful to see you! What a relief!
  • Oh no! Where is all my company? I forgot my cue!
  • Oh! There you are! I will tell you about an interesting dream on the walk back. Let's get ready for the play!
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