Rama and Sita

Updated: 6/29/2020
Rama and Sita

Storyboard Text

  • Prince and princess Rama and Sita fell in love and got married. The King wanted Rama to be crowned but one of his manipulative wifes thought otherwise. 
  • Don't forget me!
  • Go to the forest for 14 years for no reason at all!
  • Many peaceful years had passed until...
  • Look, a golden deer!
  • We'll get it!!
  • Sita was captured by an old man who was really ten headed Ravanda!
  • I have the princes who is soon to be my wife!
  • When Rama and his brother found out Sita was missing they went to, Hanuman the monkey army general for help and they planned an attack on Ravanda
  • You came to the right monkey!
  • We need your help!
  • So the day came and they arrived at the castle to rescue Sita, The battle was won but Hanuman was the only monkey left to put herbs on the bodies to bring them back
  • You came back for me!
  • I'm still alive!!
  • 14 years had passed and everyone waited their return, one lady decided to put a lamp in her window to light the way home for the and soon the whole city was glowing for Sita and Rama.